Artist’s Statement

At a very early age I was exposed to a very talented artist who taught me to paint with oils. With this seed planted in my heart – life happened. One day, oh so many years later, I shared with my husband my desire to take watercolor classes. Suddenly the door to my artistic quest swung wide open. To my surprise, friends that we had recently made were artists. One artist does not let another not paint. And so it began.

At Work
Back when art was created in the corner of my office.

To me, art is about freeing yourself from all of your past inhibitions and finding a freedom within yourself. Freedom from social theater, and perhaps, freedom from my greatest triumph in life, parenting. It was within this caged view I found myself looking for an outlet, a way of expressing myself that could not be inhibited by the day’s activities, but activated.

I came to the “art world” looking for a clean slate, or, shall I say, a blank sheet of paper, or canvas, or board…I believe every person, in some form or another, goes on a journey of self discovery. In my journey I have found unyielding love and support from those around me. Joy, laughter and family are the base of my art.

My Studio
My Studio – My husband built this wonderful support for larger canvases.

I have followed my passion for the visual arts from watercolor to acrylic and now, back to where I began so many years ago, oils. In pursuing each medium and a variety of styles I am reminded constantly of what some very wise mentors have told me, “There are no mistakes” and “Never lose the ‘what if’ as you create new work.”

Virginia Cobb's Santa Fe Workshops - Among some of my very special memories.
Virginia Cobb’s Santa Fe Workshops – Among some of my very special memories.

I find the memories I have made and the excitement for the future have given me a new lease on life. This is my journey. From a clean slate, I hope you will go with me on this wonderful passage. The whisper inside me has become an unyielding voice within, and has created something truly unexpected.