Exhibit at The pearl

Yes, it has been a while since I posted. Selling our home in Houton, remdeling our home in Mobile, Alabama and moving have kept me busy. However, I am part of the Houston based art group, Synergy, which is exhibiting June 1 through July 6 at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Spring, Texas. Our exhibit is called New Directions . My piece is acrylic on canvas, 12 x 36 and titled “Visions of the Past” .

Visions of the Past, 12″ x 36″, Acrylic on Canvas

Synergy Group Exhibition

There are a number of the 13 members of our critique group, Synergy, including me, that are exhibiting at Northwoods Presbyterian Church.  The Exhibit runs thru October 15, 2017.  When the sanctuary building is closed entrance can be obtained thru the church office.

Critique Day

I am so happy to be part of a terrific critique group here in Houston.  We meet again this coming Friday.  I will be bringing several new paintings where I used oil over acrylic.  They are a little more realistic than I usually paint and are my first attempt at oil in MANY years.  I am pretty pleased with them.  We will see what the ladies have to say.

24 x 24 Oil Over Acrylic
24 x 24 Oil Over Acrylic – Canvas

12 x 12 Oil over acrylic - Canvas
12 x 12 Oil over acrylic – Canvas

Could be called an Obsession

OK, so I have to admit it.  I have developed what some would call an obsession with sky images.  I want to paint them all.  It all started when we (my husband Tom) started taking sunrise and sunset pictures at our country home in Alabama.  I am totally hooked. Have gotten permission from one of my good friends to paint her posted pictures of the sunrises and sunsets she takes from her highrise in Houston.

Working on my cloud techniques by taking online oil painting lessons from Tim Gagnon. As I get back into oils I am learning a great deal from him not only about painting clouds but working with oils in general.

Working my way up to painting one of these from my friend Myrna Yancy. Myrna is not only a great friend, but a wonderful artist and a great cruise agent. Will keep you posted.

Mryna Skyline Myrna Sunset

Totally Intimidated

The oil paints and mediums have arrived.  Just pick up the brush and paint, right?!  Wait, which brush, which medium and how much, how do I clean all this up.  OK, back to the books.

Read the books and then go online to find some help.  It always amazes me that no matter what it is you get involved in there is an entire world out there that you never knew existed.

Oh so much to learn.